god this just encapsulates how shitty this year is and is going to be





OK BUT LIKE I HAVE A WHOLE BUNCH OF MY OWN POKEGO STORIES TO TELL BUT LIKE one of my fave things to happen today was that my bro and i went to get refills for my grandma’s e-cig and im waiting in the car talkin to my gram and my bro gets in the car with the refill and a huge effing grin and is like “Bro, the vape guy is our pokemon professor.”

and im like “Get out” but apparently my bro walked in to the vape shop (which for some reason looks like the inside of what i’d imagine to be an old western saloon on a rustic settlement of the moon, which is cool) and the guy at the counter was telling these two girls playing pokego about all of the local spots for catching pokemon, where people weren’t catching as many, where there were flocks, etc. He literally knew everything about the entire local puget sound

told my bro where to find tons of charmander and where there was a flock of pidgeottos in our town and was super nice to them

Yeah so, long story short, i live in a cute little port town and our local pokemon professor is the vape guy

i cant believe pokemon go has shown us what would happen if pokemon were real

i can’t believe how much i love this reality

don’t forget what we’ve sacrificed in order to get pokemon in reality